Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Us?

Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Us?

Artificial Intelligence is a theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Speech recognition, decision-making, and visual perception are, for example, features of human intelligence that Artificial Intelligence may possess.

Humans can learn as they go along — in other words, learn from experience. However, Artificial Intelligence Machines can also do that. It is called Machine Learning. Yet, there are many differences between Human and Artificial Intelligence. As a consequence, people started worrying about whether Artificial Intelligence is able to outsmart us.

Will the technology progress to a point where a machine, computer or robot, will be in the position to control society, in part or as a whole?

Well, on a certain level, Artificial Intelligence is already outsmarting humans in certain tasks such as image recognition and language translation. Computers are known for storing vast amounts of information, processing and retrieving data to solve problems with much higher speed and accuracy.

Yet, Artificial Intelligence is still not a danger for people. In movies, when something goes wrong with Artificial Intelligence, it’s usually because Artificial Intelligence has decided that it doesn’t want to obey humans anymore, and it’s got its own goals. In real life, though, the Artificial Intelligence that we actually have is not nearly smart enough for that. It has the approximate computing power of an earthworm. So, today’s Artificial Intelligence can do a task like identifying a pedestrian in a picture, but it doesn’t have a concept of what the pedestrian is beyond that it’s a collection of lines and textures and things. It doesn’t know what a human actually is. So, will today’s Artificial Intelligence do what we ask it to do? It will if it can, but it might not understand itself what it really means.

As a result, even though Artificial Intelligence can do certain tasks and calculations faster, as well as easier, than the human brain, in reality, there are still required people to tell this Artificial Intelligence what to look up for.

So, in the present, you can be assured that there aren’t any machines that are trying to take your place. Most likely, they are designed to help you and make your work life a little bit easier.

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