Decompose your mixed signals with Kydavra ICAFilter

Decompose your mixed signals with Kydavra ICAFilter

What is ICAFilter?

It’s a filter that uses the Fast ICA algorithm. Unlike PCA that reduces the dimensions, Independent Component Analysis decomposes the mixed signals. After that it brings the filtered form of the pandas data frame as independent non-Gaussian signals.

ICA will find these independent components, also called sources, factors or latent variables from the data variables which are assumed to be linear mixtures. That’s why ICA is considered to be a more powerful technique.

Using Kydavra ICAFilter.

Let’s first install kydavra by typing the following line. (Ensure that you have the 0.3 version).

pip install kydavra

Next, let’s import the filter:

from kydavra import ICAFilter

Now, we will import the Hearth Disease UCI dataset.

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('heart.csv')

Let’s create an object and apply it to our dataset.

for i in range(1, 10):
 ica_filt = ICAFilter(n_components=i)
 new_df = ica_filt.filter(df, 'target')
 X = new_df.iloc[:, :-1].values
 y = new_df['target'].values
 print(f"{i} - {np.mean(cross_val_score(logit, X, y))}")

We get the following result:

1 - 0.5314207650273224
2 - 0.7095628415300547
3 - 0.6998907103825136
4 - 0.6998907103825136
5 - 0.7954098360655737
6 - 0.8084153005464481
7 - 0.8051366120218578
8 - 0.8381420765027322
9 - 0.8380874316939891

From the following output, we can see the best cross_val_score is 0.838. Also, we recommend trying other selectors from kydavra to have higher accuracy.

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