Sigmoid Examination

Sigmoid Examination

Hello, cherished Sigmaritans!
Congratulations to the new generation of Sigmaritans! 🎉 Our latest examination showed the remarkable progress and knowledge acquired during the past 5 months of mentorship. Each Padawan had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and tackle real-world ML tasks under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Here are some comments from our Padawans about their tasks:

Padawan 1: "During this exam, I had the opportunity to analyze data from World Health Organization and solve a real-life problem, such as incorrect or missing information. And to solve this problem, I had to dive deeper into the topic and use my imagination to fill the accumulated void."

Padawan 2: "For my Padawan examination I had to work with the Adult census Income dataset, which contains data related to the financial situation of an average USA citizen from 1984. The problem laid mainly in balancing the data and converting the non-numeric columns into a format understandable by a machine learning model.
My task was to create a binary classification model which predicts whether a person earned above or below 50k $ a year. "

Padawan 3: "The dataset that I received was Iowa Liquor Sales to analyse liquor sales from different stores in Iowa. The problem that I tried to solve was to find the most popular alcohol type sold in specific stores. I had to predict the Volume of liquor sold in litres, based on name, category, location, price and other criteria."

Padawan 4: "Breast Cancer is the most frequent type of cancer among them causing the highest number of deaths. The accuracy of estimating the prognosis and survival duration is important in clinical decision-making for cancer patients. The aim of this project is to predict breast cancer survival using machine learning models with clinical data and gene expression profiles. Using machine learning models on genetic data has the potential to improve our understanding of cancers and survival prediction."

We are proud of all our padawans for rising to the challenge and putting their newfound skills to the test. A big thank you to our mentors for guiding and supporting our Sigmaritans on their ML journey.


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